Friday, November 5, 2010

An Interview: Page

mel: Okay, why don't you give us your name and age.

page: My name is Page and I'm in third grade and I played a witch.

Page, why did you want to audition for Shakespeare Club?

Because I never did it and I wanted to see what it was like and it was fun.

What was fun about it?

I just like acting a lot and I like, I like...I like learning lines and stuff like that.

And what did you learn about you, Page, by being in the club?

Um, I learned that,'s like bad luck when you say good luck to another actor and I... [looks across schoolyard] um....I don't know.

Was there anything that surprised you that you didn't think you could do before or discovered about yourself?

I...I...thought I'd be really scared on the stage but I actually wasn't. I liked being onstage because it's fun when people watch you do stuff.

What would you say to another kid who's thinking about auditioning for Shakespeare Club?

I would say, "You should try out and if you don't get it, you should keep on trying."

And what about all the boring parts that you have to wait through until it's your turn to be onstage?

I just calmed down and took deep breaths...took deep breaths.

What was your favorite part of the performance day?

Being onstage.

I want to read about a book with a lot of adventures. One adventure I would want is that there is someone could make a time machine. A letter of mine:

Dear friend,

You wont believe it I went in the future. My mom looks gray like she is going to die. You are about 30 years old. You have a husband name Markis you have 3 kids. I got to meet my self in the future. I had 3 kids like you and I have a husband. I have a two story house. I met my sisters. Sad news is my dad died. My kids are very interesting. My sister Natalie had 6 kids. Phoebe had 2 kids. Mariah had to kids. And in the future everyone had pets with gooey bodies.
Celia, 4th grade

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