Friday, November 26, 2010

An Interview: Mark

mel: Why don't you tell us who you are, your grade and what part you played.

mark: I'm ten and my name is Mark and I'm in fourth grade and I played Malcolm in "Macbeth."

Mark, why did you want to be in Shakespeare Club?

Because the last two years I was in props and I could see that Shakespeare Club was a lot of fun and people had fun and they had fans and that's why I wanted to try out.

What did you think of performing?

I almost felt like a rock star. Like I got up in the auditorium and I thought the kids would say hi and that's what exactly what happened.

And how did that make you feel?

Good. It made me feel excited and made me want to do it next year.

Was there anything being in Shakespeare Club that surprised you or that you learned?

Um, mostly'm the only one who can control my body and nobody else can control me and I can't control other people.

You learned that in Shakespeare Club?


Tell me about Malcolm. What's his story?

Malcolm, he wants to be King. He wants to be King like his father told him to because he was born into it but his father died but Malcolm flees to England and Macduff accuses him and Donalbain of killing his father.

What did you like about Malcolm?

[wide grin] He gets to become King.

Was there anything about Malcolm that reminds you of you in real life?

Um...yeah. Because my dad is the man of the house and I'm behind him 'cause I'm the oldest.

Dominick, Henry and Mark.

What advice would give another kid who was thinking of auditioning for Shakespeare Club?

I would say go for it, give it a try....It might work out.

And what things bothered you about Shakespeare Club? Anything give you a problem?

Um...nothing really.

Anything you could suggest to make it better?

Um....just pay attention and focus on the acting and you'll be all right.

If I had adventure in my life I would go to the grand canyon. I would climb on the highest cliff. When I get on the top of rock and take pictures. When I am done I will jump off the cliff and hope that I land on a boat. If the water was infested with sharks I would have my knifes ready to kill the sharks. I would jump off the boat and stab the sharks. The boat was only two miles per our. Finally reached a little cage. I was useful when I wanted to turn skinny so I could get threw wholes.
—Mark, 4th grade

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