Monday, July 19, 2010

Duly Noted: Celia

When Celia joined The Shakespeare Club last year, she desperately wanted to act — and I desperately wanted her to — but she could not find her voice. She assured me that inside her head she had a big voice, but it wasn't coming out. Celia played non-speaking roles in "Twelfth Night."

This year I asked if she would like to be our stage manager and she agreed. I gave her the special stage manager's binder with pencils, paper, an eraser, script and cast list.

By the time we were ready to try run-throughs, I asked Celia take to notes that she would deliver to the cast. I recommended that she be gentle because the actors were nervous about their work.

She designed two columns in her binder:

Dom: good voice HororWitches: don't fade at the end
Garth: good vioceBettina: speak louder
Millie: holding the baby keep up with the voiceNatalie: fase forward when others speak
Oliver: good acting, tommarrow wife deadPhoebe: speak up
Oliver, Dom: good fightingMurders: neal like there is a King
Good job: Mark when find out about your father dieingGarth: speak properly Villiones crime
Lizzie: good job, Beyond my practice...Party: don't talk in backround or drag your feet, don't play around
Good Job EverybodyChloe: hurry with what you need to do

Celia found her voice and they listened.

I would like to know,.....

1. If I'm going to be rich
2. going to be poor
3. where I would live
4. if I'm going to have a lot of clothes
5. if I'm going to have kids
6. how many kids I'm going to have
7. If I'm going to have a big house
8. what my kids would look like
9. what my kids names would be
10. how I would look like
—Celia, 4th grade

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