Monday, November 15, 2010

An Interview: Oliver

mel: Okie dokie, why don't you give us your introduction?

oliver: My name is Oliver. I'm in fourth grade and I played the role of Macbeth in [pause] in a Shakespeare play.

Oliver, what do you think is important about acting?

Acting is important because it's kinda's kinda like traveling to a different dimension. Like you're in this place where you're not actually there but you feel and think and smell like you're actually there.

Like where in that dimension? Tell me about that dimension.

Like when I'm thinking about Macbeth I think about, me being in Scotland with kinda like just like buildings but not like modern buildings but like cottages, like, that's what I think in my mind.

And what do you think audiences should get from "Macbeth"?

I think what audiences should get about "Macbeth" is don't do bad things and kill people because it'll turn out that you'll be killed yourself or sent to jail.

And tell me about Macbeth's state of being at the end of the play.

Macbeth's state of being is kind of him being him like he regrets killing all those people like Banquo....Like, let's say Lady Macbeth died and Banquo was still alive and he didn't know about him killing King Duncan....Like, they would still be friends, but then Macbeth would still feel sorry for himself because basically the queen shouldn't have died if Macbeth didn't really kill the king because Lady Macbeth was thought to have died because of all the pressures she had because of killing the king and she had a whole lotta nightmares.

Tell me a bit about your life, the Oliver story.

I like a lot of things. My life is, like,, I started collecting these Nerf guns. I've been studying really hard, like learning the capitals 'cause my teacher says we can't pass fourth grade until we know the capitals, which is kinda hard for me 'cause I already know the southern and northern capitals...yeah....But life is pretty good...but [pause] my family is kinda like under tough struggles, like hard times.

How do you feel about that?

I kinda feel like sorry but at the same time I have to kinda adjust to it. Like let's say my family lost a car, I'm going to have to adjust to walking to the bus stop or to walking to wherever I need to go, like to the store, or like...yeah.

What do you think your role is in your family? What's Oliver's job?

Well, I think my job is just to stay in school and get, like, higher grades and move on and become, like, an adult and go to college. I think my role is pretty much like a role model cause there's like a lotta toddlers in my family right now cause my family is, like, really growing rapidly. 'Cause I think I'm supposed to be a role model 'cause I have a lotta cousins between the age of three and basically eight. Like, I kinda tutor my cousin and give him advice.

So, how does it feel being a superstar on campus?

Well, it's kinda like the little kids say, "What's up Macbeth?" or "Oh hi, Macbeth." It kinda feels good but also kind of annoying. Like let's say my sister (she's six) walks up and says to her friends, "My brother was Macbeth!" It kind of feels like she's spreading fame from me and trying to make herself feel popular.

What was your favorite thing about the whole performance day?

Well, I like the performance itself because I really like being in front of people but at the same time when I left I felt really bad about myself for some reason.

How so?

I was sad, like, when I went home with Garth and I hopped in his car and we were halfway to his house where we were having a sleepover and I was thinking about all the good moments we had in Shakespeare Club...[sighs and looks to his lap]...yeah....I kinda felt sorry for myself for some reason. [his nose gets stuffy] But like my mom said you can try out again next year and I kinda still felt bad because I didn't want Shakespeare Club to be over because inside...I just want to live to be an actor. I'm going to miss it a lot over the summer.

What I will miss about Shakespeare Club is the performance, friends, and the love of the play. I will miss the good times of Shakespeare Club. I will miss Ms. Ryane and Ms. Rachel. I will miss everybody who is leaving espeacaly Garth. I might move to Atlanta, Gorgia. William Shakespeare your cool. And you write some rocking plays.
—Oliver, 4th grade

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