Monday, November 8, 2010

An Interview: Millie

mel: Hi, who are ya?

millie: I'm Millie and I played Lady Macduff in "Macbeth" and I'm in third grade.

Why did you think you wanted to audition for Shakespeare Club?

Because I really like acting and I want to be an actor when I grow up.

What do you think an actor's job is?

An actor's job is to, um, act out and play and do what their supposed to do onstage.

How did you feel about being in Shakespeare Club this year? Tell me your impressions of it.

I feel really special because not a lot of people get to go in Shakespeare Club.

What do you think you learned about yourself being in Shakespeare Club?

I think I learned that like, like, any kid can be an actor.

Did anything about Shakespeare Club surprise you about you?

I think I surprised myself that I could be a real actor.

Were you scared ever?

I was scared a little when I was going to get onstage in front of my friends but then I just said, I'm going to calm down and pretend they're not even there.

Do you any tips on how to make Shakespeare Club better?

[looks off into the distance] I think, I don't think I have any.

So, what's the Millie story at school? How has this changed your profile at school, if it has at all? Like what do you find tough at school? What do you like or not like so much?

I don't like how everyone keeps saying, "Dominick's your husband" but I got over that pretty quick.

And why would they say that?

Just because I was onstage pretending to be his wife.

Has being in Shakespeare Club changed things for you at school at all?

It changed things at school 'cause like all the kids who are in kindergarten or something go, "Hey, look it's the girl who was in that play, she's really cool."

How does that make you feel?

It makes me feel really proud.

When I was 8 m y cousin called she told my sister about a knew singer Justin Bebier. So my sister got on the computer and reascearched Justin Bebier. He had his own website so she looked at the top for songs. There was pictures, interviews, albums, and songs. She clicked on songs and we spent an hour listening to one of his songs. One time I could not stop listening. For four days in a row I could not stop listening to his songs. I cut out pictures from magazines. I would get posters, of him. I would draw pictures, print sone lyrics. I loved it when I saw his pictures and I loved his albums. My world and my world 2.0 I love his songs Enie Menie, One time, and Baby.
Ellie, 4th grade

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