Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Recess: Taking the Step

If you ever wondered:

Gosh, what if I'd tried?


Broadway: bright lights, big city. What's that all about?

If you were ever curious if actors get scared, or get lonely.

If you ever wanted to know, I suggest you rent:

"Every Little Step"

This documentary chronicles the tale of recasting and remounting one of Broadway's biggest hits and my favorite musical: "A Chorus Line."

The film offers a backstage/onstage view of what it's really like — what really happens when actors come face-to-face with the highs and lows of American theatre's pinnacle, Broadway.

To spout a cliché: You'll laugh, you'll cry.


  1. Tears in my eyes about Henry, as well as the story behind your renovated auditorium! Marsha

  2. Yeah, sometimes tissues are the only way to go.Thanks so much for reading!