Monday, September 7, 2009

Labored Day

Scrunch your bare toes once more in the sand, take another pass around the garden, pluck a ripe tomato, finish the novel and sleep deep one last night before setting Mr. Alarm Clock...because the curtain is about to rise on another season.

Listen carefully...the restless rustle of your audience....

Take a deep will remember all those least by Winter Break.

Lay out your clothes, iron your shirt, comb your hair and line up those whiteboard markers.

Pause...hear the whispers....

You know how to do this...backwards, forwards and upside down...because like an Olympic gymnast you've done it before and you'll do it again. You'll get laughs and're a pro. You'll bend bodies, stretch minds and illuminate souls with the facility of a charismatic leader because you know how to find the spotlight and stay in it.

Pack your lunch. Feed your cat. Start the car.

Take a moment in the wings, heed the applause, ahhh, the're on.

Dear teachers...have a great year and, as we say in the theatre: Merde!

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