Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hard News: 'Caring means doing'

Here he is, ladies and gentlemen: A not-so-dumb jock.

From "Andre Agassi's second act as compelling as the first" by Bill Dwyre at the LA Times:

He was being honored for his work on behalf of the Andre Agassi Foundation. It has raised $75 million to date and used it to start a charter high school in a poor part of Las Vegas.

He talked about this year's first graduation, in which seniors paraded across a special bridge and stopped halfway to show a sign to the underclassmen below, indicating which college they would be attending. Every senior in the school was accepted to a college.

"100%," Agassi said, proudly.

Agassi quoted one of the senior commencement speakers, who is now in a college pre-med program.

"She said that some who are short-sighted have labeled us as at-risk," Agassi said. "She said that was right. That we are at-risk. At risk of excellence."

Bravo, Andre, for showing us how to play the second act.

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