Monday, September 21, 2009

All We Need Is

March, 2009

"Most of you saw 'Romeo and Juliet' last year, right? Do you remember that?"

"Belinda was Juliet," Lizzie calls out.

"That's right, Belinda was Juliet and Geoffrey was Romeo."

"And they got married and then they died," offers Kate.

"Yup, that's what happened, which makes that play a tragedy. But can anyone tell me what the theme of 'Romeo and Juliet' is?"

They twist and slide their bottoms on the chair seats and I know I'm in one of those moments where, without exception, all minds are on What will be the snack today, Ms. Ryane?

"What are those again, Ms. Ryane?" Geneva asks, breaking the silence.

"Okay...the themes of Shakespeare's plays are either: love, revenge or power. Later when you look in your journals, you should have those written down...and if you don't, they're on the board, so please write them down."

"I know, I know!" Belinda waves her hand in the air.

" answer and it comes from someone who certainly should know because she played Juliet....Please, Belinda, tell us the theme."


"Yes, all the characters in the play want love, fight for love, kill for love or die for love. Please pick up your journals and write about when you wanted love or had or lost something you loved."

"I love my lizard," says Luis.

"I know you do but don't tell us...write it and once you've written you can use the colored pens and draw a picture to go with your story."

CHILDREN'S WRITES: Journal Entries
Dear Diary,

I love my dog Spongey but he raned away, I got a new dog and it is a chiwawa.

—Calvin, 3rd grade

I always wanted love because I ashaly don't know why but I just want it. Me and my sisters too, I made a story and I said theres this boy named Joe and he is cute. We all said we want to kiss him.

—Celia, 3rd grade

Dear Diary,

I fell lonely and sad right now I want to be loved by someone. I want a puppy and love & he love me. Together we'll have a lot of love and be happy. These days I've been feeling lonely I really want to find a friend dog to play with.

—Meara, 5th Grade

I had a dog he loved me so much he jumps on me and danced with me and he slept with me but then he ran away

Then he never ever came back even on his birthday and I was crieing so hard that I that that I could see Jack again but he did not come back.

—Lizzie, 3rd grade

Dear Diary,

I wanted to love a puppy that I saw a little while ago. It was suuuuuuppppeeeerrr cute! I wanted it sooooooobadly, but my mom and dad don't like dogs or cats that much. I'm going to buy one or possibly two puppys when I grow up and treat it as great as a little baby!

Alice, 5th grade


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