Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hard News: Going the Distance

I started a file for Belinda. A yellow folder with stickers, her name and this title:


She drew her fingers across the lettering and asked, "What does it mean, Ms. Ryane?"

"Belinda, in downtown Los Angeles a brand new high school for the performing arts is about to open and it's not for rich kids. It's for poor kids that have a lot of talent, like you and me."


"Belinda, I think you could get into this school when you get to ninth grade, I really do. This school could be your ticket to the life you want."


"In this folder we'll keep any articles, pictures and information we can find and after four years maybe you can audition...what do you think?"

"I think that's cool, Ms. Ryane."

And it is cool.

2 new L.A. arts high schools are a study in contrasts (LA Times)

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