Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Recess: On the Radio

A few years ago I came up with an idea...a really good idea...so good that it sits in a trunk with all the other "good ideas" that I've never acted on.

On AM radio there are shrinks, pundits and yahoos offering life advice and points of view. Listeners call up to weigh in or receive help (usually with errant husbands or meddling mothers-in-law) and are given thirty seconds of — well, you fill in the euphemism.

My idea was for a local call-in radio program for actors, on a nice NPR station.

I'd host a show where actors could call in before an audition, or for advice once they got a job, or to chat about their lives as actors in this showbiz city.

I'd have guests on: writers, directors, casting directors, designers, critics, agents, publicists and other actors to riff about the profession and to hand out their perspectives about working on set or in the theatre.

What do directors and writers want from actors? What do they not want from actors? How should actors work with their designers, agents and publicists? How should actors work with each other? What do you do with all the time off when you're not acting? How do you keep your spirits up and pay your rent?

Good idea, right? A radio show for actors.

Sometimes I wander into the dusty attic in my head, open the trunk and have a look-see. It amuses me how much I will never, ever do.

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