Friday, January 28, 2011

A Golden Highway

I was at the school the day after the performances and ran into Dominick during lunch break.


"Hi, Ms. Ryane," he beamed.

The joy bubbling out of the boy was not because I said hi. Nope, this was the secret delight Dominick and I shared as a result of a wondrous journey. We both knew how he'd started the year in Shakespeare Club. The hiding under a hoodie, the provoking of those seated near him and the restless interruptions.

It took a while for Dominick to get a grip on his role in the club and on his role as Macduff.

It took private chats and private script sessions in the library. It took Dominick wanting to succeed as an actor, as a hero and as the best he could be as a boy.

It took William Shakespeare.

"Dominick, you and I both know about your long journey to this place in your life at eleven years old. We both know how you've struggled and how challenges will always and forever show up in your life like they do in anyone's life. Right?"

"Yeah, that's true." Dominick looked at the ground when he answered.

I touched his shoulder.

"Here's the thing, Dominick: You are on a golden highway now. You have been hurt by stuff and by people but now you know what you are capable of. Now you know you can be great and no one ever can take that away from you."

He blinked. He smiled.

"Okay?" I asked.

"Okay," he answered.

"Enjoy all the accolades because you're a star on this campus."


"See ya later, alligator."

"In a while, crocodile."

I turned to walk away.

"Hey, Ms. Ryane?"


"I'm going to audition next year. We were supposed to move but I told my dad I wanted to stay for Shakespeare Club and he said okay, so I'm gonna audition."

"I'm so happy to hear that, Dominick."

I first thought being the sound maniger would be hard and boring. But it turned out to be fun exiting. I loved the party the dinner and movie and Most of All The PEFORMENCE!!!!!!

I would love to be in Shakespeare next year because it's very fun you get attention and it's great. What I will miss about Shakespeare is the play the performance . How good we did that the fun. I also remember this year. I mis the play and the reharsols. I like acting people I worked with being sound maniger and everything!!!!!
Mariah, 3rd grade

golden road from Flickr user N. J.
jumping photo from deviantART user marielliott

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