Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recess: The Comfort Zone

Yeah, well, everybody has one. That place we walk in with grace and without terrible anxiety.

I have managed, over the years, to find a comfort level with third-, fourth-, and fifth-graders. I don't always have it with adults, which should stress me out, but strangely doesn't.

In the movie business, I've had occasion to work with animals — dogs and chimps, for example — and therefore worked with their trainers. One animal wrangler in particular stood out because his behavior toward people was how most of us behave toward wild animals. On the other hand, he spoke to his animal actors calmly, quietly and respectfully. The humans...not so much.

Comfort zone.

My assistant in The Shakespeare Club is Rachel, and we have been lucky to have her going on three years. When she is not helping us, she is busy with her own business. The business of babies. Rachel's comfort zone is with the teensy-weensy citizens of this planet. She tells me that her beginnings with Shakespeare Club, and older children, made her nervous.

Conversely, as adorable as they are, babies make me skittish because they squirm and can be slippery. The possibility of dropping a tot freaks me out.

"Rachel" is the pseudonym I have given my assistant, and I'm now going to "out" her by linking to her lovely website that explains all.

If you're in the Los Angeles area and have a newborn, or know of someone with a newborn (she does phone consults too), this is your professional go-to.

Itsy Bitsy Child Care

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