Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Best of the Best

"Ms. Ryane, was I the best?"

Calvin worked hard to learn the mechanics of our lighting board and how to run the cues for "Macbeth." He worked even harder to fight his fear of the responsibility.

Calvin had to don the shoes of his big brother Anthony, who had been our lighting operator for the previous two years.

"What do you mean, Calvin?"

"Was I better than Anthony?"

Now, I have a long history in showbiz and know first-hand the competition inherent in the arts. I have friends in the fields of medicine, law and business and they as well have tales of rivalry. It can be an evil thing, the tug-of-war for top banana.

I heard recently that Warren Buffett (who might know a bit of somethin' about somethin') declared that of all the seven deadly sins, envy is the worst because it feels rotten at the onset, feels rotten in the middle and feels rotten after all is done.

Nothing about envy or jealousy feels good, ever.

Gluttony, on the other hand, can be fun for a while.

So, what's the answer when we are in a relationship and envy rears its ugly head? If we believe that it has no place in a partnership, friendship or creative endeavor, what do we do?

Kill it. Clean and simple. Knife it in the head and leave its useless carcass at the door.

I heard Marianne Williamson address this issue and I use her advice with the kids — and with myself in the dark of the night.

She said: Imagine a world with too many great actors or writers or painters or musicians.

What a world that would be.

"Calvin, you did a great job on lights. Anthony also did a great job when he was the lighting operator. The Shakespeare Club would have been in the dark if you hadn't found your courage and done so well. And guess what?"

"What Ms. Ryane?"

"Next year you're in fifth grade and can do it again, even though lots of other kids ask me if they can be the lighting person. I just say, 'Not this year and not next, because that's Calvin's job.' "

Imagine a world with too many great lighting operators. Who would have time to fight

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Bettina, 5th grade

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