Friday, December 3, 2010

An Interview: Celia & Natalie

Celia and Natalie.

mel: And who are you guys?

[the girls laugh as each points to the other to answer]

natalie: I am Natalie and I'm eleven years old. We study about Shakespeare and some other things.

celia: [points to herself] Me? I'm Celia and I was the stage manager and we did a Shakespeare play called "Macbeth."

Celia, how was it being stage manager after being an actress last year? Which did you prefer?

C: I like both.

What did you like about both?

C: I like being onstage because you are seen. But you can't be shy. But at the back you can be shy because no one's looking at you.

What did you like about your role as stage manager?

C: Because I could help.

Natalie, why did you audition for Shakespeare Club?

N: I wanted to because I heard it would be really fun.

And did that turn out to be true or not?

N: Yeah.

What was fun about it?

N: We have parties and we have snacks and take turns reading stories from our writing.

C: [nudges Natalie] What about the play?

N: I like the play because I was somebody in that play.

What part did you play in the play?

N: Donalbain and Witch Three.

And Natalie, what did you think about the acting part of it?

N: I was really shy, it was fun though on stage.

What did you learn about yourself, Natalie?

N: That I can act.

And Celia, what did you learn about yourself in two years of doing Shakespeare Club?

C: Um, that I can't be shy.

And do you feel like now you're less shy or more shy?

C: Less.

What's it like for you two when you've finished the show and people recognize you?

N: [throws her arms wide] Like we're the top of the school!

How does that feel?

N: Good.

What do you think about William Shakespeare?

N: He's a good story writer.

What was your favorite part of being in Shakespeare Club?

C: It's don't laugh at you when you make a mistake.

What do you think about being in school in general?

N: [squishes up her nose and frowns]

What don't you like?

N: Work.

C: Sometimes I like to work in class but not always.

You girls traveled a long way to be in Los Angeles and to be in Shakespeare Club. Tell me about that.

N: [directs her hands to Celia as if to say "you take it" but then answers herself] We were born in Haiti.

C: But then someone else adopted me and I lived in Minnesota. At that time I didn't even know Natalie and Phoebe and Mariah....Well, I knew Mariah but not the rest of them but then I didn't want to live in Minnesota and I asked my mom if I could live with Mariah. And then after I came here.

And how do you feel about being here?

C: Good.

N: Fine.

Dear Lady Macbeth,

I can't believe what I heard but I met some witches, they said I would be Thane of Cawdor. They also said I would be King. Do you think that is so? It couldn't be because Duncan is King.

You think the witches lied? If it's true I'll serve them right but if they are lying I will kill them.

Next I'll deserve the crown and of course you will be queen.

Your dearest husband,
—Celia, 5th grade

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