Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Feedbag

I have admiration for artists with the discipline not to read their reviews.

Believe me, if there were published reviews of Shakespeare Club performances, these young actors would be all over them. As it is, they glow in the raves from family and friends — but nothing beats a stroll across the campus and the awed looks they receive from their peers and from the little, little kids.

I was sent email reactions in the days following the performances, and along with my relief at the getting "Macbeth" up and done, I admit to a bit of glowing myself.

    I'm a mom of a first grader and I just wanted to let you know how inspired I was seeing The Shakespeare Club's production of MacBeth! I never thought I'd be discussing Shakespeare with my six yr. old!

    Thank you for bringing this amazing program to the school and I really hope my kid's get to be a part of it someday!!

    Loved Oliver as MacBeth. He looked like he felt right at home on a stage. But I was already crying pre show when the actors were having pictures taken and they looked so happy and important. This was a huge day in their lives.

    Your ears must have been burning. I've been talking about your Macbeth ever since I was lucky enough to be part of that wonderful audience. Again, congratulations. What an undertaking. Those kids were amazing and your direction and edits and narration were terrific.

    Have you recovered? I was talking to the principal and a few of the parents and I hope you know that they think the world of you and what you've done for their kids.

    Thanks for inviting me to see your production of "Macbeth." It's truly amazing that the children keep getting better and better, even when the material gets tougher and tougher. Kudos to you and the children for a wonderful afternoon of Shakespeare. I remember the first year's play, where all of the children clung to their scripts, yet were animated and funny where funny should be. To see your young, lead actors act out Macbeth with no scripts in sight was uplifting and left me in awe of their talents and your hard work. I say this every year, but it can never be said enough...THANK YOU, MEL RYANE FOR WHAT YOU DO FOR THESE CHILDREN! The Shakespeare Club motto says it all. If they can do Shakepeare, they can do anything.

During my own acting career, I suffered cruel blows as well as acclaim in the press, and I could never turn my head away from either. Thank heavens the press doesn't come to Shakespeare Club performances. Yikes, the very idea.

What I will miss about Shakespeare club is perfroming on the stage with my friend because it was fun, and the will be the last time I perform and be with my friends agin.

Loved Shakespeare. It was realy what I hoped for. What I thought Shakespeare was about came true. I wanted to have a good year and play that was the best time I ever had and last time to be in Shakespeare Club.
Garth, 4th grade

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