Monday, September 20, 2010

The Beginning/The Day

The first two years of The Shakespeare Club my husband was away working and could barely imagine what I'd attempted. The first production William saw was "Romeo & Juliet" and he wept. Not great, gallumping sobs or anything but he got a little teary and it wasn't because a boy swallowed poison or because a girl put a dagger into her heart.

Nope, it was because his wife was doing something he thought was worthwhile.

Of course, that meant a lot to me and with that good feeling I was able to recruit his help in myriad ways. William was my go-to for sound effects and he made the pre-show CD. William was my run-out-and-grab-sandwiches-for-Mel-and-Rachel guy. William was the look-across-the room-with-crossed-eyes-and-receive-encouragement guy.

I got super-spoiled instantly by having my guy with me on performance day.

And then I got into a disappointed, cranky mood because this year for "Macbeth" William was eighteen hundred miles across the country. Now, even from that distance, he made those CDs. He edited sound effects and downloaded the music for us. BUT STILL. I was going to miss him big time. There would be no ham and cheese for me or Rachel on this day.

William was in my head as I drove from home early on May 27th toward the school. I thought about us the year before driving together, my head spinning and my nerves on edge. On May 27th of this year I had no one to snap at on the dewy morning. No one share to concerns with. No one to wrinkle my brow at during the day. I had to grow up fast and I didn't like that one bit.

I parked the car and unpacked cases of water for thirsty actors. In the teachers' lounge I stacked boxes of snack bars and cartons of little Cuties oranges donated by Trader Joe's.

I stepped into the cool, dimly lit auditorium. I opened the storage doors underneath the stage and dragged out large trays of metal chairs to go onstage. I started the work of the day and missed my husband oh, so much.

Get thee a good husband,
and use him as he uses thee.
All's Well That Ends Well Act I, Scene I

I am spoiled rotten in the marriage department.

My name is chelsy. I live in a hollow tree with my sisters layla and Lady Macbeth. My friends are the animals, dawfs and birds. I eat pig, goat milk, and corn sticks. I believe in everything. I want to tell every one there future. I will apear to everyone's house. I am afraid of not getting to be belived in. I am afraid of bad witches. I am loyal to people. I am loyal to king. I am very brave.

My full name is Grace Monica sage witoshic. My family members are my brother credance Jake witoshic, my sister Layla anna witoshic, and my other sister Rouch Macbeth witoshic. I like to eat samon, pie, drink mead, ale and eat goat. I like to wear butiful red and pink dresses. I also like to wear a purple bonit. I live in a hollow tree with 7 rooms. It is big and pink.
Ellie, 4th grade

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