Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Recess: Why Do We Do Yoga?

Good question. Why do we do yoga or journal writing or vocal warm-ups or Shakespeare, for that matter....Why do we do anything? Gosh, I'm pooped just thinking about it.

Here's what I look like after a Shakespeare Club meeting:

But I'm way off-topic.

"One time an actor wanted a part very badly. He studied the play, he studied the lines and when he went in for his audition, he was feeling pretty good about his chances...until the director said, 'By the way, there's a point in this play where I would need you to leap from one side of the stage to the other...think you can do that?' "

They love hearing stories of people who can't do stuff.

"What do you think happened?"

"He couldn't do it!"

"Exactly. That actor did not get the part but another actor did...because not only was he a good actor but he could make the leap. He was in shape and he was ready."

"Did the other actor cry?" Darby asks.

"Well, I think he felt bad, but I don't know if he actually cried. Here's the thing: as actors we always want to be able to do what we can imagine our character doing. So, we must be ready. Are you ready?"


"Warrior One."

"Warrior Two."

"Warrior Three."

"When do we learn Warrior Four, Ms. Ryane?" Belinda asks.

"There's no Warrior Four...it's not like Harry Potter. Anyway, we have to work a little harder at the poses you kind of, sort of, know. Ready?"



  1. I just flashed on "A Chorus Line" and all the different personalities.

  2. I know...they manage to look so serious and so sassy at the same time.


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