Thursday, August 6, 2009

Recess: A Budget

When I first started The Shakespeare Club, I thought I'd have to pay for supplies myself. Fortunately, our principal insisted the school's booster club had the money to support the program. The budget has increased incrementally over the years, but I try hard to keep it low.

For example, when I needed leather belts to hold gold plastic swords in swagger position, I went to Out of the Closet, a thrift store, and picked up a bunch of belts for $1.50 each. Then I found a shoe repairman to put new holes in them for free. People can be very kind.

This year, I decided to open "Twelfth Night" with oceanic images, a la Cirque du Soleil, but on the cheap. I went to the fabric district downtown and found reams of blue and green gossamer for $1 per yard.

At a booster club meeting I introduced The Shakespeare Club's plans for 2009 and begged for cash.

"So, we're doing 'Twelfth Night,' a snappy comedy notable for characters grappling with alcoholism and girl-on-girl love. Not to mention we have a fellow dressed in yellow stockings with cross-gartering. So, here's what I'm thinking we need, money-wise...."

They wrote the check. Go figure.

fabric district photo from Flickr user oange

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