Friday, December 16, 2011

An Interview: Sabrina

sabrina: My name is Sabrina and I'm in fourth grade and I played Puck.

mel: Sabrina, why did you audition for The Shakespeare Club?

Because I like acting...I love acting, actually...and I thought it would be very fun, and also to learn about Shakespeare and...well, it was my second Shakespeare play.

Tell me about the first experience you had with Shakespeare.

Well, the first experience was when there was an audition for "The Merry Wives of Windsor" at the Globe Theatre and I got in and I was a fairy and that was actually pretty fun 'cause there was a lot of Shakespeare people....People were actually talking in Shakespeare voices backstage.

What did you learn being around professional actors in that play?

That they are quiet backstage and they actually do warm-ups and they were very professional.

Was there anything about being in Shakespeare Club that surprised you?

What surprised me a lot actually was that we did yoga. I didn't know that Shakespeare Club did yoga 'cause I do yoga outside of school so that was kind of fun.

Anything else?

Um, and that we could have our scripts onstage...that was fun.

Did you learn anything about your self over these five months of doing Shakespeare Club?

That I can actually act for Shakespeare...that I actually act in it.

What was it like doing those four performances?

Well, it was very exciting and I felt very proud of being in Shakespeare Club because I thought our play was really good and people actually did really great.

So you were proud of the audience seeing everyone, not just you?

[nods] Everyone, yeah.

What about Puck did you like?

Well, I like Puck because he gets to do tricks on people and I don't really have magical powers outside. I can't, like, squeeze flowers on other people, so that was actually really fun for five months of practicing.

What did you think about doing the journal writing and learning history like Henry the Eighth and Queen Elizabeth?

Well, at first I started writing a little bit because it was my first time in Shakespeare Club and I didn't really know what to write but through the months I actually started writing more and then it was fun because I actually wrote what I thought.

How do you think journal writing helps your acting? helps your imagination....It helps you express yourself in the journal.

What was your favorite performance on Thursday?

I actually liked the one o'clock.

Did you? Why was that?

Because my class was there...'cause they were asking lots of questions the day before and I wanted them to see the answers, like how Puck puts a trick on them and how they are fighting over Helena. And I also liked the three o'clock because my parents were there.

Were you nervous doing the play in front of your classmates?

Um...well...yeah....Well actually no, not really, because they're kind of like family.

Were you nervous at all during the day?

Yeah, during the first one 'cause it was like the opening....first audience.

What would you tell another child who was interested in Shakespeare Club but not sure?

If you don't like acting professionally then I wouldn't go because Shakespeare Club is really professional.

What's the difference between Shakespeare Club and regular kid plays?

Well, regular kids plays, they're just acting, but they don't really understand the concept of acting....They act but they don't know what it means.

What do you think acting is?

Performing for the audience.

Telling a story?


What do you want to be when you grow up?

An actor...a dancer and a singer.

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