Friday, December 9, 2011

An Interview: Peter

peter: My name is Peter, I'm in grade three, and I played Thisbe and Francis Flute.

mel: Why did you audition for Shakespeare Club, Peter?

Because I thought it would be interesting and I thought about auditioning last year but I was too young and then I auditioned because I had nothing else to do on Wednesday afternoons and it looked fun.

Did anything about being Shakespeare Club surprise you?

Only when I got the part of a girl.

What surprised you about that?

I had to play a girl.

And how did you feel about that?

It was fine. The only reason I stuck with it and I didn't whine was because I knew I would get laughs and that's one of my number-one things in make people laugh.

And how did you feel through the performances during the day?

It was funny and fun and I think my funniest was the last performance.

Did you learn anything about yourself in Shakespeare Club?

I learned that if I stick to something and just don't stop practicing for however long...I can do it. And I found my inner comedian...right here [taps heart with fist]

You have a comedian inside you?

Yes. My little conscience, he's up here [taps head] and then he walks down here [taps heart]. It takes him twenty minutes because he has midget legs. He's small.

And who's in control of this guy?

I have no idea.

Just comes out when he wants?


Does he have a name?



No. FUB. Funny, unique, boy.

Funny unique boy who lives inside of you at all times, ready to come out the drop of a hat?

Yeah. At the peak of boringness.

So, how do feel about doing tragedy then?

Well, I'll do tragedy....I would turn it funny. I like falling down.

But what if you were in a play like Hamlet?

[shrugs] I don't know....It'd be different.

Didn't you think sometimes in Shakespeare Club things were boring and there was hard work?

Nothing was boring and nothing was hard work.

The history and stage directions?

Nope. That was actually interesting...not like doing math and social studies [drops torso all the way to the bench]....It makes me die like I had to do onstage.

What do you want to be when you grow up, Peter?

A chef.

What would be your specialty?


Well, I know that!

First I would go to college and get my degree and then I would travel all over the world learning about all the different to do stuff and then come home...and get settled and then maybe open up a restaurant or two. And the restaurants all over the world would have American food and maybe another kind, like Asian you could have partly what you normally like to eat in America and try something different.

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