Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hard News: In the Suburb of Sin

Funny how long it takes to unearth the obvious. I mean, why is it only now that we're digging out London's first theatre? An Elizabethan structure known plainly as "The Theatre"?

Read the tantalizing account below for delicious details like how they've also discovered the pub next door where audience members juiced up before and after seeing great dramas. Or that the stage was built outside of London's walls to keep the disreputable entertainment at bay from its good citizens.

The building dates to 1576 and only today are London Museum archeologists digging away because a present-day theatre troupe wishing to build on the site thought the scientists should "have a look."

I guess so.

New Playhouse Planned For Shakespeare Theater Site (NPR)

Lady Macbeth

I live in a great home. The home has beautiful chandelears in every room. A huge table on both sides there are big confy chairs, 30 room, 5 bathroom, 10 bedroom 5 bedrooms for the 50 servents.

Lady Macbeth friends are her husband and banquo most people in the play.

Lady Macbeth eats fancy dishes everyday. She eat a big turkey some mashed potatoes, sometimes they had big piece of meat some rice noodles, apitizer, salad and a big dessert.

Lady Macbeth. She believed to be special very rich.

She wanted to be queen. How she got to be queen was that she killed the king.

She afraid someones going to find out that she killed the king.

She is afraid of her friends because maybe they're find out.
Celia, 4th grade

photo: AFP/Museum of London

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