Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who Wants Their Own Shakespeare Club?

It has long been my wish to see Shakespeare Clubs spring up across the nation, the continent, and the world.

Am I dreaming too big? You tell me.

Here's what it takes to start and run a SHAKESPEARE CLUB:

  • will
  • effort

And here's what it does not take:

  • theatrical know-how
  • Shakespearean expertise

Over my six years of running The Shakespeare Club in Los Angeles, I can tell you it's worth the elbow grease.

Adults in our school communities are wrestling with issues of schoolyard bullying, lethargic kids, reading skills and self-esteem.

Give 'em Shakespeare and shake 'em up!

Start small. Together you can discover stories, characters, and the Elizabethan world. You don't have to be an expert.

Because I can help you. Here's how:

Start Your Own Shakespeare Club

Dear Tattania,

I love you + hope you love me back.

Your eyes are as beautiful as thee + your eyes will never tell me lies + the curls in your hair look like curly fries.

I send all my love,

Nick Bottom
—Ellie, 5th grade

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