Monday, March 28, 2011

There's This Kid...

"Hey, so I want to tell you about this kid."

They sit up straight. They think I'm going to tell them some schoolyard rumor, and who doesn't like good gossip?

"This kid was born with a crummy hand, all twisted up like this. It wasn't his fault; he was just born with it. He also has this big lump on his back, which makes him kinda bent over like this. And if that weren't enough, he has this lousy foot that's all messed up and drags along the ground like this."

Faces scrunch up as they picture this kid.

"This kid's name is Richard. When Richard walks around the cafeteria with his tray, looking for a place to sit, the other kids move away from him. They think he's kind of creepy looking. He sees this super-cute girl, Lady Anne, and he wouldn't mind having lunch with her, but she stays with all her friends 'cause she's popular and doesn't want to talk to Richard."

Our auditorium is quiet.

"How do you think Richard feels?"


"Yeah, I guess so. What else?"

Angry. Mad. Embarrassed!

"Right. Right. Right. All that, I would imagine. Anyone here ever feel like Richard?"


"Okay, here's another thing. Over on the other side of the cafeteria is this other guy. A cool-looking guy with lots of friends. Super-funny and smart. A really good soccer player, and guess what?"

What, Ms. Ryane?

"This guy is Richard's brother, Edward. And here's the other thing: Richard and Edward are princes, 'cause their dad is King."


"Then their dad dies, and Edward becomes King. Now how do you think Richard feels?"

Jealous! Mad!

"I would say so. What does Richard want?"

He wants to be King!

"Because if he were King, what would Richard get?"

The people would be nice to him! Lady Anne would talk to him!

"Yup, and what else?"

They would have to listen to him!

"But why would they have to listen to him? What would he have if he were King?"


"Yup. This play is called 'Richard III' and it's a Shakespeare play with the theme of power."

What does Richard do, Ms. Ryane?

"He gets a couple of guys in the castle to sneak into Edward's bedroom at night and kill him. Richard becomes King and makes Lady Anne marry him. But he is an angry guy and does lots of bad stuff. Lots of people figure him out and in the end he has to try and fight a whole army by himself. Impossible. He's all alone on the battlefield, he raises his sword high and cries out, 'A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!' "

Oooooh. This Shakespeare guy knew what he was writing.

When I go in the 6th grade I am going to be scared. I am going to be scared because I am so small and I think I am going to get picked on and beat up.
Lizzie, 5th grade


  1. Great stuff!
    "Since I left you, mine eye is in my mind;
    And that which governs me to go about
    Doth part his function and is partly blind,
    Seems seeing, but effectually is out;
    For it no form delivers to the heart"


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