Friday, January 22, 2010

In Her Own Words: Ending Year Four

In the last few days of school, Belinda told her teacher, Sydney, that her dad "prob'ly wasn't moving back" to re-marry her mom.

It is a courageous act for anyone to let go of an aspiration. Imagine if you were a nine-year-old and your head had been pumped with aphorisms like:

"You can get whatever you want!"
"No dream is too small!"
"Never give up on your dream!"

Sometimes the hard lesson is that we do have to let go. I'm going to let Belinda put the final word on Year Four of The Shakespeare Club in her own writing. Pay attention to the metaphors upon metaphors in her story.

I believe this talented, brave and charismatic spirit will be recognized and rise to claim our attention. I believe we will hear from Belinda in a startling fashion. I know we all wish her well...wherever she is.


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